Deposited $200 to send 1800 fax list @ 0.06 cents per page. After going through the entire process of adding a 1 in front of all the fax numbers, uploading them and the document.... the system keeps sending me insufficient funds emails and not process any of my faxes....
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I've been using Jblast for the past 7 years to do some yearly advertising with their faxblast service. In the past it's been easy and wonderful. Now I understand they bought this new company and have decided to use their software platform rather than their...
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Same as all the other reviews, they changed the system and now they are horrible to work with. I cannot even get my credit back and cancel sue to their \"policy\". DO NOT US...

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The recent changes at JBlast touted by the company as "improvements" are ANYTHING but. What used to be easy, now requires additional steps and actually results in FEWER FAXES GOING THROUGH. The user no longer has control and the ability to redial is gone, unless you...
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Reply to reviews Scam Mike Simmons Maneger for Scammer A Scam And Heres My Review And Comments, mike Simmons, Stuart and The Company Review Don't use technician, the take peoples money, $40.00 wont give me a refund, a *** dumb $40.00...
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